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The First Ever Digging Shovel With Soil Retaining Capability



Smart Shovels are patent pending, dual-purpose tools made to do everything a normal digging shovel does, plus more. Possibly the smartest garden shovel design to date; Tracey Shovels' fused grating surface allows for rapid removal of even the toughest embedded dirt from the root ball of any plant you wish to extract. This action decreases the mass of plant debris to be disposed of, while rescuing rich soil that would otherwise be wasted.








A Better, Smarter Shovel

Get double the work done in the same amount of time. Re-use your rescued soil immediately to re-fill the holes that digging created, or save it for future use. For the same price, backed by a lifetime warranty, why buy an ordinary shovel again?

Just watch how it works



Put the discarded soil back in the ground. Why take up excess space in your lawn clippings bag, or worse yet, a landfill?

 Tracey Tools LLC A Veteran Owned & Operated company

It all started when…

The idea for the Smart Shovel came to founder Amar David Akhter while battling an unruly garden in his own backyard. After purchasing his first home in Buford GA, David quickly discovered that gardening can be a lot of work. After a day of landscaping, followed by a trip to purchase topsoil, it occurred to him that there had to be a better way. No one should have to spend money on dirt! The Smart Shovel was born out of necessity. It is remarkably effective at recycling the compacted soil that can not be shaken loose. After the first prototype, we knew we were on to something that had never been done before. After filing for a patent that generated immediate interest, the rest as they say is history.


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